Capturing a Memory


A fragrance, notes of a familiar melody,the feeling that you’ve been here before, are all remnants of memory. For me, this photo suggests all those fragments that drift into our consciousness.

About unsouthernbelle

I am a native New Yorker , transplanted to Memphis, who is a photographer, teacher, and wanderer. I am inspired by the beauty and stories that resonate from abandoned places and found objects. View all posts by unsouthernbelle

8 responses to “Capturing a Memory

  • whiskeytangofoxtrot4

    just lovely, very moody…. nice!

  • Pairodox Farm

    These are interesting thoughts … the sort that I seem to be having with increasing frequency. I think much about my grandparents and am aware of things which remind me of them. Objects. My own behaviors … including words that have been passed down through the generations and which I still use. Memory is a fascinating thing indeed to consider … isn’t it? Which items from our past remain with us … and why? What is it about those others potential memories such that they never made it into our memory banks? These are these sorts of questions answers to which would win you a Nobel Prize. Interesting to contemplate though. D

    • unsouthernbelle

      I only have questions – no answers! Memories do seem to become more intrusive at times.I hear my mother speaking through my voice way too much and my father has been regularly haunting my dreams although he passed away 10 years ago. No rhyme or reason to it. That said, I feel like I’ve finally been able to let many fly free, especially those that hurt with no purpose. Could it be that age thing rearing its ugly head, again? To counteract that, we went to roller derby last night.I think you scientists deserve Nobels much more than I would. Maybe I can become a common philosopher like Alfred Doolittle in My Fair Lady.Enjoy your day.

  • feralc4t

    I see a melancholy face above the neck of the dress.. Thoughtful stuff 🙂

  • 2Spools

    So delicate. it is as if each tiny mark is there for a reason. Delightful to see.

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