About Me

 I live ..

in Memphis, Tn. A transplanted New Yorker, over the years I have developed a love for barbecue and blues, and have learned  to pass up the sweet tea.  I have managed not to add extra syllables to my words but still crave New York pizza and bagels.

I teach….

I am a teacher of gifted fourth grade students. I love the challenge and the opportunity to foster their creativity and problem-solving. The fact that every day is different and unexpected makes it rewarding and special.

I am…

a photographer. Ever since I watched my dad create magic images in the clawfoot bathtub of a Manhattan walk-up , I have loved photography. The viewfinder of my grey plastic Brownie Starmite was the gift of a new way of seeing.

a wanderer and a collector . Anything worn, weathered, forgotten or abandoned calls to me. Beauty deepens with age and resonates with story. Orphaned artifacts and memories find me at flea markets, shops, and the side of the road. They often find themselves in my photography, art pieces, poems , and jewelry.

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