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Rainy Days and Mondays

I just returned from Cape Cod where the light has delighted artists for generations, the cool breezes made wandering possible and inspiration hovered everywhere . Back in Memphis, it’s raining. After ten or more days of 100 +temperatures and blazing sun, here the rain is more than welcome. It’s a perfect day to think and relax. This photo, taken during winter vacation, when a storm interrupted a day of infrared shooting, shares the softness and beauty of a rainy day. Combined with this quote from Gloria Jones, ” If you’re only happy when the sun is out, you’re missing half your life, ” reminds me that we need to appreciate each day for its gifts.

Bucket Lists and “Buried Lives”

“I’ve been on a calendar, but I’ve never been on time.” Marilyn Monroe

For some, being on time is natural. Their internal clocks regulate sleep cycles and get them to meetings on schedule. Not just measuring but valuing time is the purpose of bucket lists and “Buried Lives”.

Last night I read a book (from the library) titled What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?. 

The book details the list written by four nineteen year-olds who formed a group called The Buried Life.They wanted more from their own lives and made a list of 100 achievements, the more outrageous the better. Over the past six years, they’ve accomplished most of them, but more importantly, they’ve helped many others to identify and meet goals.

This book, as well as all variations of bucket lists, always make me feel inadequate. I feel like I can’t dream big enough or decide on things that I desperately lack.

It’s not that making a wish list is so difficult, mine would include safaris, traveling to Antarctica, having tea with some of my favorite authors ( if they could be reincarnated) , and  publishing a mystery. All of these would add a dimension to my life.

But from a middle age plus perspective, I’m not sure it would add real value.

For four nineteen-year olds, kissing stars and streaking through stadiums – these are their proof that they are not walking through their lives.Bucket lists are written to make sure that opportunities are not missed.

My problem is that I find it nearly impossible to list what will be of value to me when I find myself out of time. It seems that my choices should be “bigger.” Having impact on others, creating something of lasting value, and a sense of self-realization would be my goals.

To that end, my relationships, teaching kids, developing and sharing creativity and its expression, art, and taking time to savor the small things are my ” list.”

One of the pieces sent to the Buried Life said it best:

” I want to apologize to three people I feel I hurt most in life, say thank you to three people who helped me most in life, and reconnect with three people I thought I would never see again.” ( What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?, 2012, Artisan at Workman Publishing.)

So the question is:

Do you have a bucket list ? What would be on yours?

Books are Beacons of Knowledge

” Books are lighthouses erected in the sea of time.” E.P. Whipple.

Books and lighthouses are an apt metaphor and two of my favorite things. When I came across this quote , it inspired me to create an image to fit. Unfortunately, it was hard for me to decide which image was most effective so I am asking for your valued opinions


Growing Wings

Growing wings is much less painful

Than being afraid

 to fly.

Books and Flowers are Necessities

If you have a library and a garden, you have everything you need. Marcus Tullius Cicero

     Books and flowers come together both in the photograph layers and as simple pleasures to savor.Libraries and gardens provide beauty, sanctuary  and a place to imagine.


“Not yet!” Words that Limit your Creativity

“Why always not yet? Do flowers in spring say not yet?” Norman Douglas

      Standing and admiring the tulips, the beauty and serenity on that afternoon at the Botanic Garden made me grateful.When I came across this quote, it suited the photograph perfectly but it also resonated with me.”Not yet” – my overused code words for I’m afraid to try, It’s not perfect, or no one will like this. Two words – an easy way out , a simple way to postpone life.

Without the tulips, a photograph of the mulch, ( unless you could discern a famous face or answers to life’s important questions in it) by itself wouldn’t have been effective.

Now when I’m tempted to say “not yet” I substitute “think flowers”. This is my new code phrase for “get over yourself and take a chance!”

I hope you find your personal code words, but while you’re searching, you can always borrow these. Our world needs more flowers!

Keep on Dancin’

You can hear the music! It’s time to dance!

Hanging Stars!

Embrace Abandon

                             We should be having at least as much fun as the statues!

Living on the Edge




I thought this was appropriate for life and road trips. Enjoy!











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