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Refound Images – View Through the Window


Another refugee from the hard drive crash. This photo was shot through the window of one of the few Victorian houses remaining in Memphis. Slated to be restored, it waits silently for its fate. The photo has undergone a bit of transformation in this newer version. I gave it a more ethereal, softer, and out of time look. I hope this majestic home remains safe.

Peeping Tom Part Two

I really couldn’t resist more windows. While psychologists may have creative and involved explanations, mine is simple. I enjoy shooting windows and no one came to harm in the process.

Maybe I’m a Peeping Tom ( Thomasina) and Don’t Really Know It!

Windows! I don’t think I realized how often I photograph windows. From the interior or exterior, I can’t resist an interesting window.Do I look in when I can? Of course! There’s such a story in each. Were things displayed for passersby to admire? Are some just remains , abandoned when the owners moved on? Questions and no answers, it just adds to the mystery.

The Softness of Color, The Strength of Black and White?

Decisions, sometimes there are too many! This simple window doesn’t demand much, but I needed to choose. The soft summer day shining through a window curtain with yellow polka dots, or the strength of shadows in black and white? Two different moods for the same window. A click of my mouse and the meaning changes. Neither option is wrong, just a matter of interpretation. The choice depends on my intent and the purpose for communication.Drama versus serenity is too big for me! Let me know which choice you like and please tell me why.

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