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Looks Like a Cupcake! But it’s Much Less Fattening!

The minute I saw this photo on my screen, it reminded me of dessert. It made me think of the fancy birthday cakes I would receive when I was little. Where every detail in sugar and frosting tempted, but I hated to start eating them. It looks like a cupcake, someone’s painstaking effort to tempt me. Fortunately, it’s a water lily. All beauty and no calories. Hopefully, this year in school, when tempting foods appear for any reason possible – it’s Thursday, we need doughnuts. It’s Monday, we need chocolate. I forgot my laptop – I want a cookie; I’ll take a step back and feel able to savor the beauty and pass on the treat. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I have to start somewhere.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Taking Time to Notice

It’s so easy to make excuses, and I excel in this sport. During the school year, ┬álife is so busy that I don’t always take time to appreciate nature and savor the small things. Yet that beauty is profound.Summer vacation is here and I need to make that commitment.

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