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WordPress Photo Challenge: Unfocused Pink House with Blue Shutters

I would love to have seen if the interiors of the house were as colorful as the outside, but no one was home.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused A sense of Mystery

Behind these ancient abbey doors in the south of France live the mysteries of the past.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused Breathing Lavender

Hanging out the bus door while traveling in Provence, you could inhale the lavender before we got into the fields. A taste of Pernod added authenticity.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Unfocused Missing the Beach

Off an island in Boston Harbor waits a quiet beach and a place to breathe.You can hear the gulls and pulse of the waves lap the shore.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Unfocused, Lost in the Crowd

An abandoned fishing shack waits silently in a Florida coastal town. Will it become a high-rise resort?

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