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Reaching Out to Grab What’s Important

One of the first lessons we learn is to reach out. As a baby we have no qualms about touching everything and complaining our and long if our desires aren’t met quickly. As we get older, we learn some impulse control and  research  indicates this is a sign of intelligence and growth. Sometimes I think we go too far. Instead of pursuing what we want  when we need it, we talk ourselves away from our goal. We tell ourselves that it isn’t pressing or that there are many things needed more desperately.After awhile, we tend to put off those life changing moments as we pause to over think and sublimate those desires.Maybe a bit more balance is in order.If we feel strongly, then we need to reach out as far as we can.Splaying our fingers and extending open palms to capture our dreams is a responsibility to ourselves and those we love. Receiving our gifts to become and then sharing those opportunities with others creates thankfulness and fulfillment. Our world can use more of both.

A Cape Cod Sunset: A Reminder to Savor the Light

I took an art class. No big deal. Unless, like me, you can’t draw and find yourself in a class with a renowned artist as teacher and gallery worthy artists as classmates. In other words, outclassed and outperformed. But I don’t surrender easily and worked hard at sketching out in the midday sun and trying to work through problems. On the fourth day, an exhibit of student work was planned. I visited every other class to admire the work. When I returned, people had offered positive responses to my efforts.Not having time to think about it, I had scheduled a tour of the dunes for sunset.I hurried to the office and claimed a seat in the jeep. As soon as we entered the dunes, I could feel all those comparisons and concerns drift away on the wind. The dunes moved and changed in the wind, always to appear more beautiful and mysterious. More layers to a personality.The sunset was the reminder that the day’s trials ended and the time to give thanks and savor the light had arrived.I wanted to stand  on the beach in that tiny pool of light until I absorbed the lesson.

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