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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Taking Time to Notice

It’s so easy to make excuses, and I excel in this sport. During the school year,  life is so busy that I don’t always take time to appreciate nature and savor the small things. Yet that beauty is profound.Summer vacation is here and I need to make that commitment.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer Turning Towards the Sun

In French sunflowers are called  les tournesols, turn towards the sun. I love the sound of the word as well as its meaning. There are so many times it’s easy to give into moods or annoyances and turn away from those who provide the light. In summer, controversy over tanning aside, feeling that sun on your face and shoulders relaxes you  and gives you a sense of well-being ( unless you live in Memphis and it’s 98 and humid then you feel more like a dishrag). This photo is a combination of two that I shot in the south of France while savoring the fields of sunflowers.Next year I am promising myself to plant some in our backyard.

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