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Morning Has Broken : The Power of Sunrise

It’s so quiet that you hear the gentle lap of the waves against a dock and the chirp of stubborn crickets. Standing in the dark, in an unfamiliar place, your senses strain to take in all the details. Cool air roses your cheeks and wet sand cakes on your feet. As the first glimmers of light stain the sky, you stand so still, almost afraid that any subtle movement will stop the transformation. Alone as the sun begins to rise, you almost feel like the only person in the world and that the show is for you, an audience of one. As the sun climbs higher, you see evidence of all the lives that have touched this place and a sense of kinship in witnessing this beginning grows. How many have felt the same awe and sense of possibility  as watercolor hues grow stronger, when the first beams of sunlight wash away the shadows and warm your face. Receiving this gift as freely as it appears and creating something from its inspiration can be our gift in return.

Seaside Country Door

An old country door cried out for something extra. Wanting to prolong my seashore vacation longer than reality would permit, I used a photo of the shoreline off Newport,  Rhode Island and divided  and layered it into the door’s sections.It suits the mood of the area perfectly.

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