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Rusted Sunset


ruststeelwall-webRusted panels and silhouette sunset shots make great companions. Playing in layers gave me several images. I’ve posted both because although one feels more ethereal, making decisions is beyond me. I’d love to know what you think.


Losing the Rust

purpleheadlightblur-webSometimes you just need to start moving. Stand in one place and rust starts to creep in – into your thinking and you begin to still your senses until you find yourself frozen in attitude . So I’m off on a road trip. Hopefully the person who returns will be a bit more flexible and inspired. For the next two weeks, my posts will be more sporadic because of internet connections. If I’m late with a comment, it still matters to me and I will respond. Thank you for helping me to connect with so many wonderful new friends.


Cotton Gin Geometry


cottongin-webNext to an antique shop on a rural highway stood this cotton gin. Its lines and angles interested me more than any sort of geometry lesson. Rusting in the late afternoon sun, its beauty of purpose and structure spoke of its power.When I had the opportunity to return several weeks ago, I could only mourn its loss. Now it’s an empty lot weed choked lot.

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