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Abandoned Warehouse

warehouseenter1blurwebFrom the highway, I’ve admired and desired ¬†( so I’m a little strange) this abandoned warehouse with the bright red doors for a number of years. Sometimes it’s hard to know why one day you are compelled to act. But, the other day , a good friend and I , circled and drove around until we found our way. Surrounded by trucking companies and a smattering of ¬†traffic, it appeared safe for a daytime exterior shoot. Indoors is another chapter and it’s going to take more guts and a group for me to attempt it. The structure has retained most of its integrity – light fixtures, high ceilings, and its heavy red doors remain nearly whole. As I wandered the property, I could imagine so many uses that it makes me sad to think it stands empty.





Classic Gas Station Needs New Role in Life

Just down the street from yesterday’s abandoned building , sits a classic service station. The building is maintained on the outside but the interior has seen better days.The roof is tiled and the building if it were magically relocated into another city would stop traffic and find a new purpose. Here it sits and few cars even drive past. You can hear it imagining its options as it contemplates falling apart one piece at a time.

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