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Rusted Sunset


ruststeelwall-webRusted panels and silhouette sunset shots make great companions. Playing in layers gave me several images. I’ve posted both because although one feels more ethereal, making decisions is beyond me. I’d love to know what you think.


New Sky Created by Mixing Ingredients


I’m not much of a cook. Step by step recipes are not my favorite, but I do love to experiment. This photo is a combination of the sky at sunset when I was leaving school last week, a peeling wall, and a crazy combination of Photoshop filters.No one had to eat the failures or gain weight from the successes, and I found a few new ingredients to tempt me.

Lessons from Photoshop About Personality : 2 Sides of the Zinnia

I shot this zinnia in color and converted it to black and white because it was less expected. By subduing the color, you notice the flower.Lesson learned: I don’t have to be the most colorful to stand out. Showing my structure and form helps differentiate me. I couldn’t stop there. I played around with inversions – showing the total opposite and that made for a strong photo also. Second lesson: sometimes doing the opposite of ¬†what people expect from you, or what is most natural to you, creates a new vision.I never realized that I could learn so much from Photoshop!

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