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Road Trip Therapy

truckswebThere is not a better form of escape that comes to mind than other getting in the car with a friend,food, music, and having no one expect you at a certain place and a particular time.If an old water tower signals the location of a forgotten town, you are free to explore. If peeling paint and falling trim catch your eye, you investigate. Driving as far as you want and stopping for no real reason is expected. Curiosity reigns and the mantra is “No Maps, Just Drive”.The long, crazy school year vanishes after the first mile markers. I actually cleaned out my CRV, got new tires and am ready to put on miles! Tomorrow we are heading across Tennessee out towards Asheville, North Carolina, and excited about the opportunities to make discoveries. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some new adventure in a week or so.

New York Rhythm

nyart1_editedwebSometimes life is frenetic in the south. Mostly because we let little things gain importance and overwhelm us. Rather than seek peace and quiet, I’d prefer a visit back home to New York. Sometimes I honestly miss the taxis and even the pigeons ( as long as they maintain a respectful distance).People expect New York to be fast paced and overgrown because that’s its reputation. But, though the pace in the city is the composite of emotion, energy, and possibility, it creates a pulse that lets you know you are alive and  that at any moment you might find yourself traveling in a new direction . Inspiration and wonder thrive while its sounds, sights, and rhythm revive the soul.

Indulge Yourself


cupcake-webyA Friday afternoon in my favorite bookstore was the perfect time to celebrate the end of a busy week. I couldn’t resist the strawberry cupcake with pink icing beckoning to me from the display case. One part of my brain complained about the number of calories; the other told me I deserved to treat myself special.So I did. Enjoying the first bite, I noticed how the pink cake looked against the red pleated paper wrapper. I grabbed my phone and received a number of strange looks as I took several shots. While the cupcake lasted a bit longer because of the impromptu photo shoot, the main benefit was giving myself permission to indulge without guilt. That’s not always so easy to do, but it often meets unspoken needs.


Memphis Roller Derby – the Poetry of Motion

rdlegs2db-webOn a recent Saturday night, sitting on the floor in the suicide zone at roller derby kept me entirely engaged. Shooting photos and trying not to end up as skate-kill , I wanted to try something different. The last time I shot roller derby, the photos were gritty, high contrast , and  in black and white.The focus was on fishnet stockings and scars. Both of us have changed. The derby is trying uniforms to present a more sports- like focus.I wanted to convey the beauty of motion, so  I panned, banished the flash, and moved whichever way pleased me at the moment. I’m curious to hear your opinions.

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New Sky Created by Mixing Ingredients


I’m not much of a cook. Step by step recipes are not my favorite, but I do love to experiment. This photo is a combination of the sky at sunset when I was leaving school last week, a peeling wall, and a crazy combination of Photoshop filters.No one had to eat the failures or gain weight from the successes, and I found a few new ingredients to tempt me.

Storm Clouds


A storm approaches – pearly gray sky turns to slate. Slashes of charcoal add menace and contrast to the lacy shrubs.The wind murmurs and joins the conversation as tingly currents spider up my spine. Did I head for shelter, a prudent , practical choice, or face the intensity and revel in the forces? Often the difficult decision is whether to hide or face the storm.

Finding Words to Explain the Unexplainable : Tragedy in Connecticut

chalk-girl-web Chalk drawings only remain until it rains. Their innocence and beauty are fleeting.As Friday’s news flashed on my computer screen in the middle of the day, I couldn’t bring myself to read it while I was still in school.Our students were celebrating the end of the semester parties even though classes would still meet on Monday and Tuesday.So Monday morning we return and for someone who usually has more than enough words, I’m feeling totally inadequate.All I have are questions, questions that won’t be asked or answered by newscasters, interviews or political rhetoric.Political fighting over whether we should have access to guns is not going to help these families or bring back the innocence and sense of safety six and seven – year olds are entitled to feel.My questions are more introspective. Would I have had the strength to do what needed to be done at that moment? I think the answer is I would have done anything to protect children in my care. In our schools, we are well-trained to take action to thwart intruders, but in our hearts do we believe someone would come to hurt us? Until Friday, my answer would have been no.Having completed CERT training which involves triage, fire stoppage, search and rescue , all targeted towards natural disasters, you feel fairly in control.I have updated CPR , AED training, and first aid. I don’t think any of this would have helped on Friday. No one trains you to deal with a madman holding a gun who hurts children.

chalkflowerwebSo tomorrow, I need to go to school with answers for my gifted children. They are great questioners, but truly there are no clear answers.Talk is not going to change what happened. Actions need to. Our society has developed into one which no longer knows how to deal with anger . Revenge, getting back bigger and better for perceived wounds seems to be the answer for so many who haven’t learned how to handle anger. Compassion for those who are different is lacking in so many and causes feelings of disenfranchisement to grow.

chalkheartwebSo the questions are those we need to ask ourselves: How do we treat  and perceive others? How can we heal rifts? How can we be sure our families know they are loved each day? Am I the kind of person who would run towards the danger to save others? Can I develop the relationships that would enable others to trust and follow me? The only world we have is the one we live in at this point in time, but everyday we can work to make it better.That is all the control we can have, and we owe it to ourselves and those children and adults who had their answers.



A Voyage of the Imagination

It’s hard to know if you are ready,  if you are willing to look and reach beyond your comfort zones. These are the decisions we make as we stretch our creativity. Embarking on a new voyage brings its own complement of thrills and fear.Stepping onto the deck begins the journey.This infrared image ,shot in Ladew Topiary Gardens in Maryland, symbolizes that voyage for me.

Barn Spotting

Last week while traveling through Tennessee and Kentucky we spotted many different and wonderful barns – some for tobacco others for hay, but they all expressed their personalities in different ways.

Old Glass Bottles


B.J. Silberman

An invitation to play

Unearthed in an antiques shop

Glass vials glow

In an array of rainbows

Musty albums lean

As unwrapped gifts

Where the confetti of nameless portraits

Spills off their pages

Emptied china teapots

Witnesses to everyday dramas

Reveal not a word

But huddle together for warmth

While lackluster souvenirs of distant places

Keep company with worn luggage and postcards

Their journeys tightly bound

In ribbons

To prevent escape.

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