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Non Resolution for the New Year Number One – Really Taking Time to See

jellyfish-webI am terrible at keeping resolutions so I’ve disguised them as suggestions for making my life more meaningful.I find inspiration in some strange places and the aquarium at Sea World became one. You walk into a dark room and press a button which illuminates the tank in front of  you. Jellyfish glowed with an inner light and danced to a silent melody. I stood mesmerized long enough to annoy the crowd in back of me. As I exited, I blinked my eyes in the sun and kept imagining the beautiful ballet. So often I don’t take the time to really see. I don’t stand still. It’s easier to skim.I might have missed this performance if I hadn’t taken time to press a button. I saw them in their own light. In other light these graceful creatures may pass unnoticed or are viewed as an annoyance  to an unsuspecting swimmer.I need to take time to notice and appreciate.

Bleached Flamingoes


Colorless. Not a word that most of us would welcome as description.Coral pink flamingoes looked like birthday balloons on stilts.Their color makes them memorable. So why shoot them in infrared? Mostly because I wanted to see the result. Soft shadings and textures surprised me with a stronger appeal than I expected, taking me a step closer to their essence.Certainly their color is part of who they are – but maybe all the color and shine we add to the outside disables others from seeing our innate textures and softness. Something for me to ponder.

Basil, Coleus, Camellias are Feeling Soft

There are days when almost everything seems to be too much. Your senses are overwhelmed and your brain is tired.Been there a lot lately. I needed everything toned down – quieter and softer. Obviously I couldn’t work that magic on my students, loud traffic or the Christmas carols that bombard you in every store. I needed a respite in both mind and photography.Enter a tiny little plastic lens on a rubber bracelet from PhotoJojo . It is supposed to shoot macro but I can’t hold my hand still enough with my iPhone.But the results, I liked them. I was able to turn the noise down and the softness up.These images feel soft to the eye with quiet colors. They speak to the end of the season in a whisper. I was able to hear myself breathe. I think at this time of year, that’s a gift to be treasured. I hope they provide a moment of stillness for you also.

Sunflowers Unfurling

Several roadsides have bloomed with sunflowers in the past weeks. Finding them before their performance is a lesson in change and growth.Tightly closed with a sliver of color visible, the first only hints at what it will grow into as its face turns toward  the sun. The shyer ones follow more slowly as unsure of themselves and afraid to unfurl their petals. Slowly, as more chances are taken, color and essence begin to emerge.

Fear or indecision, perhaps a lack of purpose or awareness of expectation keeps some from blossoming fully . The braver ones stand tall as to offer example and hopeful encouragement.

Blossoming is a thoughtful and time needing task.

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