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Early Morning Shadows


Early Saturday morning, sunshine reached tentatively through the blinds. Unable to light the room, it created soft patterns at the window that begged to be shot in black and white.Hopefully, the sun will regain her strength and reappear consistently.


The Power in a Morning

Sunrise! Dramatic or grey , brisk or steaming, its power is magic. This photograph, shot from a hot air balloon on an early morning in December was the result of a week’s worth of no’s. No , it’s too windy, we’re not flying today. No, there’s a chance of rain, we can’t fly today. But on the day we were to leave for home, that 3 a.m. phone call confirmed we’d be flying. Now all I had to do was pack my courage to meet the morning from a new perspective. There are few words strong enough to adequately describe that morning. The air was still as a soft breath with no sensation of movement, yet it felt as if we’d ascended a ladder to the heavens. Its beauty tells its own story. Whether witnessed from a mountaintop or bedroom window, the magic of an early morning avails itself to us everyday. Mornings greeted by yanking blankets over our heads to maintain the darkness or those days when the act of rising weighs so heavily that the effort is exhausting contrast with mornings we greet as friends and welcome the possibilities. Starting fresh each day gives us the chance to reinvent ourselves and our lives. It’s an opportunity too valuable to pass by.

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