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Memphis Makes Its Own Music

memphisguitar-webMemphis has its own rhythm. It’s not limited to Beale Street.You can’t help but notice the motion of the river, the cadence of the traffic, the blends of voices and accents and the feeling that something special is happening right around the corner.Every part of the city is directly connected to its musical heritage – whether it be Stax, Graceland, Sun Studios, or Al Green’s church.Rock, soul, R and B, rap, ragtime, it’s all here. Every performer comes here when they feel the need to connect with their musical roots and cut an album.When I saw this guitar case in a shop, I felt like it served as a reminder and needed a larger audience.Sometimes it’s easy to ignore what’s right in front of you and the music is one of our city’s greatest treasures.

Through a Window into the Past

In a small town east of Memphis, time is standing still. Most of the businesses have closed. A calendar hanging in the window of a taxidermy shop hasn’t changed dates in twenty-five years. Around the corner a sign reads Hardware but a look in the windows is a look into the past.No tools. In one of its past incarnations it was a pool room.

Popular video games from the eighties and old beer signs keep company in the dust and sad bricks. You can hear friends playing pool and sharing a beer. Ms. PacMan ‘s theme provides background music and the laughter is loud and erupts often.

There is one question in the silence , but no one seems to have the answers. How are we going to fix this?

Finding Serenity

Quiet places for reflection become more difficult to find. This riverbank was bathed in early morning light that silhouetted the trees. A cold morning,(even here in Memphis), mist rose from the water.Several stray geese and me. Perfect! To make the moment portable I used my camera . I could carry that quiet morning and breathe.

The background was just that, the back of a canvas that paint had seeped through to create a new pattern. Scanning the back and overlaying it with morning gave the photo texture and dimension. The process is simple and now I could touch that morning.

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