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Embracing Childhood – Almost the last non-resolution

monsters-blur-webI have always loved carousels, even after learning that their origins date back to battle training devices. The old ones, created by master wood-carvers are difficult to find and many are in need of restoration. Memphis has a special one hidden away in storage. Although fiberglass, this one is special because it combines lovingly created fish and sea monsters with the abandon of a child’s ride. Worries about monsters under the bed are banished by bright colors and googly eyes.The freedom of motion and the fact that each monster is unique made me anxious to parade my . This is the year! Enjoy the ride!



Made to Measure

madetomeasureblur2The box of patterns in a tailor’s box said it all with ” Tailor Made to Measure”. How wonderful to know something was designed to fit your needs ! Throughout high school and college , I sewed many of my clothes. My fingers would touch a new fabric and I could just see what it might become. Sewing met my creative needs as well as ensuring that my long legs could be covered past my lower calves and that my slightly short arms wouldn’t be wearing sleeves that always needed a cuff. Somewhere along the way I stopped making my clothes; probably because it took too much time, became too expensive or because it became easier to believe that a manufacturer could make a size eight to fit me. Of course they can’t.The evidence surrounds us that our society that praises creativity and individuality, but ¬†does not offer respect or support to those who are different. In education, curriculum and testing are one size fits all. In shopping, one size fits most. Advertisers would have you join the group – elite, smart enough, wealthy enough or insecure enough to buy what they promote.Custom lives like custom clothing require a price – the decision that making choices based on self-understanding enables our lives to fit us in a way that mass-produced lives cannot. Time to find a new pattern! A chance to alter and embellish!

How Strong Are We?

Until facing a test, we’re probably never sure how strong we can be. Living up to expectations, acting with courage, standing under fire, surely these are challenges that require inner strength. But, sometimes on a day to day basis, self protection is not our first item on the to do list; what’s really more important is being open. Letting down our defenses is not easy. Sometimes,we may not even be aware that we’ve placed thick walls to hide who we truly are, or that we’ve established a moat to make others keep a respectful distance. Often , allowing ourselves the freedom to just be whoever and however we woke up that day is a true test of strength.The more we make that choice, our armor dissolves and we grow .

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