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Sunflowers Unfurling

Several roadsides have bloomed with sunflowers in the past weeks. Finding them before their performance is a lesson in change and growth.Tightly closed with a sliver of color visible, the first only hints at what it will grow into as its face turns toward  the sun. The shyer ones follow more slowly as unsure of themselves and afraid to unfurl their petals. Slowly, as more chances are taken, color and essence begin to emerge.

Fear or indecision, perhaps a lack of purpose or awareness of expectation keeps some from blossoming fully . The braver ones stand tall as to offer example and hopeful encouragement.

Blossoming is a thoughtful and time needing task.

Lessons from Photoshop About Personality : 2 Sides of the Zinnia

I shot this zinnia in color and converted it to black and white because it was less expected. By subduing the color, you notice the flower.Lesson learned: I don’t have to be the most colorful to stand out. Showing my structure and form helps differentiate me. I couldn’t stop there. I played around with inversions – showing the total opposite and that made for a strong photo also. Second lesson: sometimes doing the opposite of  what people expect from you, or what is most natural to you, creates a new vision.I never realized that I could learn so much from Photoshop!

Flowers and Books Part 2 – Simplicity

Simple pleasures fulfill us most easily. Books, flowers and an ironstone pitcher in which to place them. No more is needed.

“Not yet!” Words that Limit your Creativity

“Why always not yet? Do flowers in spring say not yet?” Norman Douglas

      Standing and admiring the tulips, the beauty and serenity on that afternoon at the Botanic Garden made me grateful.When I came across this quote, it suited the photograph perfectly but it also resonated with me.”Not yet” – my overused code words for I’m afraid to try, It’s not perfect, or no one will like this. Two words – an easy way out , a simple way to postpone life.

Without the tulips, a photograph of the mulch, ( unless you could discern a famous face or answers to life’s important questions in it) by itself wouldn’t have been effective.

Now when I’m tempted to say “not yet” I substitute “think flowers”. This is my new code phrase for “get over yourself and take a chance!”

I hope you find your personal code words, but while you’re searching, you can always borrow these. Our world needs more flowers!

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