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Non Resolutions Two and Three

aquarium1-webStill learning life lessons at Sea World. My feeling is that if I find an image that inspires me to think more deeply, then the source becomes secondary. Shooting tropical fish in a wall-sized aquarium became an exercise in futility.Light , movement and crowds made it nearly impossible. Knowing that, I kept shooting. Of course this says something about my intelligence level or lack thereof, but the resulting photo made me notice that it was easier to see the background rather than the fish. Although dressed in bright colors, their constant movement made them nearly invisible. Life suggestion number two becomes slow down or try something different to stand out from the crowd.

flamingo1-webThe second image of a flamingo represents needing to be more introspective and survey what is closer to the heart.His position said more than his plumage, maybe this will help me to think before I blurt out the words that come so easily but can create havoc.

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