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Classic Gas Station Needs New Role in Life

Just down the street from yesterday’s abandoned building , sits a classic service station. The building is maintained on the outside but the interior has seen better days.The roof is tiled and the building if it were magically relocated into another city would stop traffic and find a new purpose. Here it sits and few cars even drive past. You can hear it imagining its options as it contemplates falling apart one piece at a time.

Becoming a Roadside Artwork

Along a stretch of road in the eastern part of the county, this car has rested for a number of years on the remains of an old gas station. ┬áScorching summers and wet winters deepens its patina as it silently sits. Vandals have broken windows and glass shards and spider work lace patterns are woven into its design. Deflated tires make it unable to run and wasps and wildlife have nested into its once proud seats. As rust grows and colors morph, its texture and presence grow more painterly. Each season and trespass add marks to the composition. I don’t pass by often, but it’s evolution into a work of art is impossible to ignore. Maybe that’s why it remains waiting while trains and vehicles pass it by , a lesson in becoming and the beauty of change.

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