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Michael Row Your Boat Ashore

michael's-boat-webWhile spending a quiet afternoon sorting through photographs,I came across this image. We were in a small town in Cornwall and while the others walked ahead, I tried to shoot as much as I could. Later when I took a closer look I noticed the name Michael painted on the foundation of the building and the song started in my head. The building appears to be a church because of the cross atop the wire steeple, but I really don’t know if that’s the case. Since my memory is too crowded with junk, there’s little room for important things like the names of towns, so I will probably never know for sure. Unless one of you kind readers lives or visits near the western tip of Cornwall somewhere near Penzance and Mousehole. The photo makes me feel hopeful as if Michael had made his journey safely.

The Skeleton Biker of Penzance

On a June walking trip through Cornwall, we spent a day exploring Penzance. One of my favorite characters was this biker outside a souvenir shop. Splendid in his skeleton suit, I tried to be as subtle as possible while shooting his photo. He did turn around and graciously posed for a portrait,  but this remains my favorite shot.It could only be offered in black and white.

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