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Found Memories

Driving along a country road in Kentucky, we came upon this house overtaken by shrubs and vines. Pulling off the road to explore further, it looked like it had slept for the past fifty years. Quietly approaching, I found myself moving slowly as if not to disturb the silence. It had seen better days when its paint was fresh and the screen door would slam countless times a day as children tore in and out again. Now it stood empty of voices. The porch swing remained and still squeaked in the breeze. At first I thought it was in protest to my trespass, but I realized it sounded a welcome .Requiring that I notice it still hung stalwart and strong, the guardian of many happier times.My witness would keep those memories safe a bit longer.

Abandoned Home


B. Silberman

Turning onto a side road

Demoted by the interstate

Into a memory,

A lonely house holds its breath.


Dressed in rusted metal lace

And silvered siding,

Its parched paint wrinkles

Soften in the late afternoon sun.


Drunken doors whisper invitations.

As porches sagging from the weight

Of remembered footsteps,

Discourage casual visitors.


Ambitious vines strangle columns and posts

While roses cavort shamelessly.

The laboring sound of  wasps and wood bees

Muffles its pleas for  rescue.

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