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Giverney on LSD

For as much as I love black and white in all its moods and personalities, sometimes I just need color. ¬†Shot in a nature preserve near home, this view was shot in the fall . While fall’s palette is a favorite of mine, it was more fun to play with the hue and saturation sliders. At first ,the colors were dreamy like Giverney in spring, but as they grew bolder so did I.Dramatic color heightens the senses and draws us in. Visiting this garden even for a short time provided an escape and change of scene, a welcome respite as days grow shorter and leaves fade to brown. Finding the color in each moment rejuvenates us.

Just Playing Around


Sometimes when inspiration has taken a long vacation without having the courtesy to leave a forwarding address, my only recourse is to play and hope something turns up. In a way it’s very freeing because you can’t have expectations about the outcome when you don’t know what you’re doing. This photo is a layer of a Citrasolve scan and an image of an old table and chairs on a forgotten porch.With the dots and colors, it has a playful feel and is just right for sitting with a friend on a fall day and enjoying the atmosphere. It felt welcoming, even with a no trespassing sign.

Playing with Leaves

I’m not sure we are going to have any real fall color due to the strange weather we’ve had. But it’s fall and it’s no fun if we don’t go out and jump around in the leaves. That’s how all of these photos were taken, by jumping up around, hopping on one foot and twirling the camera.They were fun to make and a surprise each time. For some readers, the images may be an acquired taste and they ¬†will prefer my “regular “photos, but being serious can be extremely overrated. To me, these feel like impressionist paintings.I’m curious to see what kind of reception they will receive. I can almost see the images printed on watercolor , rag or vellum papers. Please let me know what you think.

A Season of Change


Butterflies and leaves, both change dramatically and beautifully. Change can do that for us. Sometimes even the smallest changes can make differences in unexpected ways. So many of us are afraid that change will lead to places for which we don’t have direction or experience. Without a compass we remain in place. This fall, as the colors deepen and the season reveals its mysteries, maybe its time to consider taking steps in a new direction. We can recognize opportunities and dress in garments of brighter color and texture.We can become more ourselves.

The Softness of Color, The Strength of Black and White?

Decisions, sometimes there are too many! This simple window doesn’t demand much, but I needed to choose. The soft summer day shining through a window curtain with yellow polka dots, or the strength of shadows in black and white? Two different moods for the same window. A click of my mouse and the meaning changes. Neither option is wrong, just a matter of interpretation. The choice depends on my intent and the purpose for communication.Drama versus serenity is too big for me! Let me know which choice you like and please tell me why.

Grab a Brush and Add Some Color !

I love the drama and reality of black and white, but it’s time to add more color. Color brings dimension to ourselves, our surroundings and the lives of others.Grab a brush and go for it!

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