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A Season of Change


Butterflies and leaves, both change dramatically and beautifully. Change can do that for us. Sometimes even the smallest changes can make differences in unexpected ways. So many of us are afraid that change will lead to places for which we don’t have direction or experience. Without a compass we remain in place. This fall, as the colors deepen and the season reveals its mysteries, maybe its time to consider taking steps in a new direction. We can recognize opportunities and dress in garments of brighter color and texture.We can become more ourselves.

A Change in Perspective

My class and I have been learning about innovation and problem-solving strategies. One of the most effective methods is to look at things in a new way. You might turn something upside-down or turn yourself upside down. Somedays you just need a fresh way of seeing, like Proust’s comment about new eyes. Sometimes you need to take a breath and imagine what another person is feeling and thinking. Whenever I find myself feeling disconnected and/or insensitive, this photograph reminds me to take another view, to notice the beauty I might be missing.Just as dawn broke and I shot this photo, I saw the beauty in an area which looks dull and repetitive from the highway.I had totally missed the bigger picture.

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