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Reflections on the Strength of Our Nation


Last summer, I shot this photo near Boston, Massachusetts, just before Independence Day. I think I intended saving it for the next Fourth of July, but the tragic events of this week have me reflecting on our strengths and it feels appropriate today. To be able to look at fear and respond with humanity and action is what this flag symbolizes to me. There is pain, suffering and the realization that each of us as an individual can choose to do right by others rather than wringing our hands and asking “Why us?” . This is the measure of who we are as a people and a country. All those that took action, offered help in what ever way they could, and made a difference , set the example. We are a nation of individuals who can accomplish so much when we act rather than complain to and about each other.  Those that cause suffering need not be understood, just denounced and recognized as inhuman. For each negative act, a positive one will take away its power. As a people, we still have decisions to make and a course to set .

Dressing for Success is Overrated

In a shop window in Boston, this dress called to me! Loudly! In CAPS! Notice me! I’m fun! Audacious! Confident! And whimsical! Obviously its purpose was to lure me into a shop where clothes are still made of fabric and most are factory made in places I can’t begin to pronounce. I never walked through the door. I shot a photo and continued on my way imagining the response I’d prompt while wearing that dress. Envy from those who didn’t have the guts to wear it, but secretly wanted to. Hilarity from those who thought I looked like I had partied way too long the night before. Questions from those who just don’t understand whimsy. What it meant for me was dressing as who you are and not to meet their expectations. Although I’m not sure I have ever met the collective “they”,those arbiters of taste and appropriateness who whisper in our consciousness at the most inappropriate times. People won’t take you seriously! What if your stem gets caught in the copy machine? How could you even think of wearing that out? Why don’t you dress like Ms. Gray Flannel? The worst part is that often it’s our own voice we hear. Our fear of being noticed or worse, being accepted as creative and risk-taking, keeps us from wearing on the outside what we feel on the inside. While I’m not sure the flower dress wouldn’t meet a tragic end if I wore it to school, there are parts of it that I can wear today. I need to start.

A Pirate Ship in Boston Harbor : Take Time for Adventure

The reality of a pirate’s life doesn’t interfere with our more romanticized view.We see  a chance to sail the seas in search of treasure and adventure. Standing in ninety degree heat in Boston Harbor, waiting to cruise and visit the tall ships , I was uncomfortable and out of suitable subjects to shoot. Along sailed this ship and I could imagine standing on the deck, a parrot named Rousseau on my shoulder and a brass spyglass in hand. Emeralds and gold adorned my neck and command of a crew of sailors to do my bidding. Not all adventures must be that bold ,but the ship reminded me that the opportunity for adventures appear unexpectedly and I must be ready to embrace them.

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