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Exploring an Abandoned Antebellum Home

Roaming the back roads in southern Mississippi, out the driver’s side window I spied a tall chimney and jigsawed glass  windows.The challenge was to find the house and take a closer look.After a quick left  and several wrong turns, we finally found the driveway.

Posed in front of us stood a neglected brick dowager melting in the sun. As I wandered around the outside peering in windows, untouched marble fireplaces and intact chandeliers surprised me.

The front door stood open and invited us into the shade. Stepping inside I caught my breath. A pair of beautiful pier mirrors flanked the door.The home still wore tired eighties decor.Peeling wallpaper and flaking paint sprinkled the floor and tempted my camera.

Climbing  the front stair, nervously I tiptoed – unsure what might be waiting.A hammering sound stopped me. I hadn’t seen a truck or van so I wasn’t expecting workmen. Calling out, there was no response. Two rooms down the hall, I found a shade slapping the window frame in the breeze.Laughing at myself, I explored a bit more and headed down the back stair.

Hard to imagine abandoning a home such as this, a variety of stories played in my mind.Taxes, inheritance problems, relocation, none of those seemed romantic enough for the home’s history.

Amazed and grateful that there was no sign of graffiti or partying to mar her fading beauty.I hope that she will be restored and home to a family who loves her.

No Maps, Just Drive

Spring Break! Time for a short road trip! We’ll be heading east towards Nashville on winding back roads, looking for abandoned buildings, drive-ins, antique shops and drugstore soda fountains.The search for the perfect chocolate shake continues.Diets don’t exist .

Road trips can reveal the magic of serendipity, finding unexpected surprise around any bend. During the last trip we tried so hard to locate this abandoned haunted church, and never found a glimpse.But on the way home, around a corner stood this beautiful church and former livery stable. The light was right for infrared and these were the result.

I can’t wait to see what this trip brings!



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