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Hitchcock Makes a Cameo in Antique Still-life

They say that Hitchcock has a cameo appearance in every film he directed. I think I’ve found most of them. But I never expected him to show up in a macabre still-life in an antique shop in Paducah, KY .The man really did get around.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Today I Phoneagraphy Part 2

I have fallen in love with my iPhone! Not Siri, whose moods and  remarks are not endearing, but my almost weightless camera that has delightful apps to play with.

This is another today photo shot at my local antique store, one of my favorite hangouts since our flea market morphed into t-shirts and boring junk.The straight photo of the portrait on a leopard print chair worked, but I like these better!

Since I could not decide between them, here are two of the twelve versions I made using Snapseed and Toaster.This is almost worse than eating chocolate chip cookies or ice cream.

For inspiration, be sure to check out http://www.rubicorno.wordpress.com and  www.painted by the sun.wordpress.com .

Two great sources of information include The Art of iPhone Photography by Dan Burkholder and articles by Susan Tuttle.

I would love feedback and suggestions as to what works and how to improve what doesn’t.

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