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Embracing Childhood – Almost the last non-resolution

monsters-blur-webI have always loved carousels, even after learning that their origins date back to battle training devices. The old ones, created by master wood-carvers are difficult to find and many are in need of restoration. Memphis has a special one hidden away in storage. Although fiberglass, this one is special because it combines lovingly created fish and sea monsters with the abandon of a child’s ride. Worries about monsters under the bed are banished by bright colors and googly eyes.The freedom of motion and the fact that each monster is unique made me anxious to parade my . This is the year! Enjoy the ride!




A Few More Non Resolutions – making something with your hands, finding shards of your past

baskets-blur2webThe Gullah women of South Carolina have perfected the art of sweetgrass basket-making, a traditional craft first developed in Africa. The tradition thrives today in the hands of women who weave these baskets using the same methods and materials. Along a highway appropriately named Sweetgrass Highway, their baskets are for sale along with their stories. I bought a middle – sized one with an edge called elephant ears or roller coaster. It has bands of pine needles to add colors, is signed by the artist and smells wonderful.These baskets on display in the afternoon sun made me think about how much I miss it when I’m not making things and how wonderful it would be to pass on this kind of tradition. Note to self -get busy!

shardjarblur2-webA jar of found pieces in the window caught my eye. I loved that the shop owners cared enough about the remains under their corner of Charleston to display them. It’s these fragments of those who passed before us, and even from our earlier life that makes us who we are. As a magpie, I’m always collecting little pieces that catch my eye. Shells, rocks,charms, wrappers, letters, metal, all find their way into my hands and collections. I think this year is a good time to gather them together and display them to honor those fragments of memory. Using an old glass jar would be a great beginning and I certainly have many of those. I know there are shard lamps, plaques, and vases, but I think they’d be happier without glue or cement holding them static.Any suggestions?


Non Resolutions Two and Three

aquarium1-webStill learning life lessons at Sea World. My feeling is that if I find an image that inspires me to think more deeply, then the source becomes secondary. Shooting tropical fish in a wall-sized aquarium became an exercise in futility.Light , movement and crowds made it nearly impossible. Knowing that, I kept shooting. Of course this says something about my intelligence level or lack thereof, but the resulting photo made me notice that it was easier to see the background rather than the fish. Although dressed in bright colors, their constant movement made them nearly invisible. Life suggestion number two becomes slow down or try something different to stand out from the crowd.

flamingo1-webThe second image of a flamingo represents needing to be more introspective and survey what is closer to the heart.His position said more than his plumage, maybe this will help me to think before I blurt out the words that come so easily but can create havoc.

Non Resolution for the New Year Number One – Really Taking Time to See

jellyfish-webI am terrible at keeping resolutions so I’ve disguised them as suggestions for making my life more meaningful.I find inspiration in some strange places and the aquarium at Sea World became one. You walk into a dark room and press a button which illuminates the tank in front of  you. Jellyfish glowed with an inner light and danced to a silent melody. I stood mesmerized long enough to annoy the crowd in back of me. As I exited, I blinked my eyes in the sun and kept imagining the beautiful ballet. So often I don’t take the time to really see. I don’t stand still. It’s easier to skim.I might have missed this performance if I hadn’t taken time to press a button. I saw them in their own light. In other light these graceful creatures may pass unnoticed or are viewed as an annoyance  to an unsuspecting swimmer.I need to take time to notice and appreciate.

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