Monthly Archives: October 2012

Classic Gas Station Needs New Role in Life

Just down the street from yesterday’s abandoned building , sits a classic service station. The building is maintained on the outside but the interior has seen better days.The roof is tiled and the building if it were magically relocated into another city would stop traffic and find a new purpose. Here it sits and few cars even drive past. You can hear it imagining its options as it contemplates falling apart one piece at a time.

Through a Window into the Past

In a small town east of Memphis, time is standing still. Most of the businesses have closed. A calendar hanging in the window of a taxidermy shop hasn’t changed dates in twenty-five years. Around the corner a sign reads Hardware but a look in the windows is a look into the past.No tools. In one of its past incarnations it was a pool room.

Popular video games from the eighties and old beer signs keep company in the dust and sad bricks. You can hear friends playing pool and sharing a beer. Ms. PacMan ‘s theme provides background music and the laughter is loud and erupts often.

There is one question in the silence , but no one seems to have the answers. How are we going to fix this?

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