Window Screen

An old church along the side of a country road wore white clapboard siding and soft blue hand carved trim. Most of the windows were open to the elements and wasps played in the breeze which ruffled the lace curtains. Reflections of a perfect fall sky and aging window screens created a pastel effect. Simple beauty remained for an explorer to find and savor.

About unsouthernbelle

I am a native New Yorker , transplanted to Memphis, who is a photographer, teacher, and wanderer. I am inspired by the beauty and stories that resonate from abandoned places and found objects. View all posts by unsouthernbelle

6 responses to “Window Screen

  • Sonali Dalal

    Beauty! like an abstract painting.

  • Pairodox Farm

    I’m feeling guilty … I haven’t been by in a while. I had forgotten about the thoughtful images which always accompany your posts. Really nice work. Each elicites an emotion … for me at least. ‘Are You Listening’ of Sept. 18 was especially nice. The roller derby was very much outside-the-box. Anyway … the image which went along with A Change in Persepective (Sept. 13) – how did you get above the balloons? Anyway … I will try to be better about stopping by more regularly! D

    • unsouthernbelle

      Good to see you! The balloon my son and I were in was higher up and at a bit of a distance.One of the most incredible mornings of my life.Roller derby is my other side I guess. I’m glad you stopped by and took time to comment.

      • Pairodox Farm

        So you WERE in a balloon! Crazy! The vantage provided a nice opportunity for images though. I think I’m too afraid of heights to have done that – you’re brave.

      • unsouthernbelle

        Actually I am terrified of heights! But there is no feeling of movement in the balloon so you don’t realize it. I was hanging out the side shooting photos, but if I were on a mountain, I’d be clinging to the sides. Now that I’ve done it once, I’d love to try it again.Go for it!

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