Lessons for the First Day of School from the Circus

Hard to believe that two months passed in the blink of an eye and that our students return today. Growing up in New York, school always started the Monday after Labor Day. Not so, in the south. I can’t imagine how they handled it before schools were air-conditioned. Most of my friends are just gearing up for vacation and here we are : Vacation is over.

So by now you’ve made the basic analogy that school is like a circus act. Believe it or not that is not my real message. All of my goals for the year are here in this one photo.

They are:

1. To take chances – that I can help my students become unafraid of making mistakes or having the wrong answer.

2. To support creativity –  that my students show their true colors and become themselves.

3. To strengthen cooperation –  that we act as a team to support and learn from each other.

4. To love learning – that we develop the knowledge and skills to rise higher and survive in the real world.

5. To be strong –  that when things become difficult, we hold on to someone for support and encouragement.

I hope to be that person.

About unsouthernbelle

I am a native New Yorker , transplanted to Memphis, who is a photographer, teacher, and wanderer. I am inspired by the beauty and stories that resonate from abandoned places and found objects. View all posts by unsouthernbelle

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