Take the Greyhound, Do people still travel by bus?

The Greyhound bus terminal in Jackson, Tennessee is one of the few original 1930’s art deco terminals in the U.S.  Driving this weekend to see it, I was first struck that the white bus with the San Antonio sign wasn’t blue and silver . No sign of a dog on either side.The building glowed and portraying it as I pictured it on a postcard from the past seemed a natural. At that time, traveling the country by bus symbolized adventure and the freedom to  disembark in an unfamiliar place.

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I am a native New Yorker , transplanted to Memphis, who is a photographer, teacher, and wanderer. I am inspired by the beauty and stories that resonate from abandoned places and found objects. View all posts by unsouthernbelle

8 responses to “Take the Greyhound, Do people still travel by bus?

  • Lauren

    Beautiful photo and station! To answer your question about bus travel — Around D.C., people travel by bus all the time. I take one almost every day to get home from the metro. Also, there are several bus lines that run between D.C. and various cities, including Philly, NYC and Boston. There are a number of lines that are a lot cheaper than Greyhound, and those are the ones I tend to use. Next to the Maryland Historical Society is the old Greyhound station in Baltimore, though I don’t know if the building is in use as anything right now. It had been offices for MDHS, but I don’t believe it is right now. Not quite as attractive as the station here, but it does have some of its art deco qualities left.

    • unsouthernbelle

      I understand about commuter buses but I really meant for travel. Urban areas do rely more on mass transit. Thanks for adding the info about one near Baltimore and the difference in fares.

  • speeddemon2

    Like your decision to give it a postcard feel.

  • Paul Boocock

    Love the 1930s architecture, it has an appealing style I think.
    I do travel on buses, one of the best ways to get around London, short journeys though. I have also ridden many Greyhounds in the past so thanks for reminding me of those times.

  • Michael Patton

    The Greyhound bus once symbolized adventure to me…until I took a bus long distance…many, in fact. I tallied it up once: I forget the exact total time, but I’ve spent months on the bus. Thanks for bringing up the memories. Nice photos.

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